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In this guide, we will learn what my-estub is, how it works, what you need for my-estub login, how to set up an account with my-estub (step by step), and how to use some features on my-estub.

What is My-estub Login Paperless Pay?

My-estub is an online employee payroll management system operated by a paperless pay corporation. In addition to managing employee payrolls, it gives employees details about their paychecks, benefit programs, discounts, tax fillings, and many more through the employee portal. In addition, it provides access to performance reviews, schedule software, and monthly payments online if the company requests.


How to Login to My-estub Account

Now that you know what my-estub is and how it works, let’s see how to log in to the account. 

  • First, you must visit the official my-estub website, which is
  • Wait for the page to load; once it loads, you will see two options: employee portal up and administrator access.
  • Click on the employee portal up.
  • Then type in your username and password in the spaces provided.
  • Click the login button, and you are good to go.

Ideal Password and User Name for My-estub Login.

An ideal default password for my-estub login should have 3-5 digits of the company name and 001. For example, GSC001.

A perfect username for my-estub login should consist of 3-5 digits of the company name, employee id, and the first four letters of the employee’s first name. For example, GSC2345678JANE.

What to Do If You Forget Your Password

Let’s face it, most of us forget our passwords often; this is common in this digital age since we have many of them anyway. But if you forget your password for myestub, please don’t fret; follow the steps below to resolve it.

As we shall see below when you set up your account for my-estub, most of your credentials will be provided by the company, but you will provide your email account, which is crucial for resetting your forgotten password.

To reset your password, you need to open your estub login page. Once it loads, click recover password and enter your user name. This will initiate a verification process that goes through your Email, and after following all the steps, you will recover your password or create a new one.

This is the best Option if you have forgotten your password, but unfortunately, if you try to log in 5 consecutive times with the wrong password, your account will be locked. If this happens, don’t fret again, because you can quickly resolve this by contacting the estub customer service. They will guide you through a verification process where your account will be unlocked after carefully re-checking some of your credentials.

My-estub Initial Account Setup

The initial setup process is almost the same as the login process; you only need to add a few things in the initial setup process, as shown in the steps below:

STEP 1. You visit, go to the employee portal, and enter your my-estub current password (default password). 

STEP 2. You will be asked to set up a new password; the password must be strong enough; for instance, it must be comprised of at least one number, capital letter, uppercase letter, and special characters. After forming the password, you will re-enter it to confirm the match.

STEP 3. You will enter your email address to assist in resetting your password in case you forget it or get a new password if you need to change it.

STEP 4. Setting security questions will be next; you will select two security questions and give the answers. These answers are critical because they are required to reset your password in case you forget it. Therefore, I recommend you choose questions you can easily remember and answer even if you have just woken up from sleep. Or record them somewhere not to forget. You can easily navigate the my-estub drop menu to choose and set up these security questions. 

Your account will be set after following those few steps above; you will only be left to turn on the features shown below.

Myestub Features, Their Functions, and How to Set Them.

Myestub Text Message Notification.

This feature permits Myestub to deliver payment information to your cell phone/mobile phone.

You can turn this feature on by navigating to the initial setup and clicking “Activate text message notification.” Then enter your cell phone/mobile phone details and your phone number. After that, click on Send a test text message, then click Finish. You will receive the test text message on your phone, and the feature will be set and good to go.

My-estub Email Delivery.

This feature enables my-estub to send you your pay stub through Email. You will often get email alerts for the availability of your pay stubs. There is no need to worry about your security, as the estub login platform protects your information by sending it in a password-protected PDF format. You can turn on this feature by going to the initial setup, clicking on Email, then selecting “send my stub as a password-protected PDF file.” 

My-estub Payment Listing.

This feature lets you view all your previous pay stubs in a menu form; navigating this Option on the employee dashboard is easy. It’s already turned on, but if you wish not to get the messages again, just click the “Don’t show this message again” Option on the message.

My-estub Online and Print Paystub.

You can view your payslips for a particular duration with this feature. You can also click the “view” button to get detailed instructions about the current payment. Printing out your payment details using the print to PDF/print option at the upper right corner of the page is possible. This is already turned on too.

Myestub W2 Form for Tax Filing.

The W2 form is also available on myestub. This Option helps you complete your tax filing instruction through the W2 form submission. You just have to read the consent policies first; if you are okay with them, click “yes” on the receive W2 forms online under the “Online W2 use option” If not, just click cancel and next. After you have clicked “yes,” you must provide your social security number. All this is for the security of your W2 information and your safety.

This will complete the setup process of your new my-estub account, and you will be good to go from here.

Final Words:

Many companies, including Bloomberg, TruBridge, mykelly, Excel USA, Family Dollar, and many more, are now using Myestub paperless pay for efficient payroll management and faster employee payment. Most companies realize how fast and efficient my-estub is, and they are jumping on board. Based on this trend, we can confidently say that my-estub paperless pay is most companies’ future of payroll management.